about dakota lean

A northern region of Spain where people live in a spiritual connection with nature is the place where Dakota Lean is born.

Since that day we explore around, selecting materials to make one of a kind  garments handcrafted in Spain, both for a special moment and the extraordinary everyday life.

The delicate manufacturing process is handcrafted and, to send your garments we wrap them in paper and love -much more durable than plastic, that is the reason why we do not need it-.

We make only limited editions according to what we have recollected, is our way to sustainability which keep us moving on at the same time. Dakota Lean is not a goal but a open path.

Original from a dialect of native tribe Sioux, Dakota is an ungendered word that means friend or ally. After a few years working as a designer for a big company, Patricia Gago and hers allies undertakes this nomad project in 2019.

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